Therapeutic Massage Tool-Belt

Every massage therapist has one!

This section illustrates the multitude of tools used and their benefits. 


S.O.A.P Notes

•Legally required form of documentation

•Gathers health information and client subjectives on stress/pain levels

•Highlights contraindications and precautions

•Includes postural assessment, treatment planning and goal setting

Benefit: tells the therapist and client where they’ve been, where they’re going, and if treatments working


Postural Assessment

•Finds functional musculoskeletal imbalances


•guides therapist to muscles that need to be lengthened or strengthened

•helps highlight and fix postural imbalances

•Correct postural alignment helps support the muscles leading to reduced tension, pain and discomfort

Treatment Planning & Goal-Setting

Creating a map towards eliminating everyday discomforts

•Planning a series of sessions to reach goals and sometimes re-planning the treatment plan to better suit the end-goal


Documents progress, what is working, what is not working, preferences

•Renders a great customized massage each time

Swedish Technique

PRIMARY GOAL: •Full-Body Relaxation •Communication of needs for customization

TECHNIQUES: •Long Gliding Strokes on the muscles •orchestrated to push the blood towards the heart •Circular Pressure via hands/palms •firm Kneading •bending-stretching •percussion like-tapping•


•improved flexibility and circulation •eases muscle tension •decreases muscle toxins •increasing level of oxygen in the blood •decrease in the release of Cortisol (stress hormone) •increase in number of white blood cells, boosting the immune system•

Deep Tissue Technique

•Mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, like sports injuries and strains

•Time varies, sometimes multiple consecutive sessions needed

•Certification Required

PRIMARY GOAL: Realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, helping chronic patterns of tension in the body •Communication of needs for customization

TECHNIQUES: Firm Pressure •Slow Strokes •Muscle Stripping: Deep Gliding in direction of muscle fibers •Use of Elbows, Forearm, Knuckles, Palms, Fingertips, Thumbs •bending-stretching



•reduces heart rate and blood pressure •eases muscle tension •decreases muscle pain •increasing level of oxygen in the blood •decrease in the release of Cortisol (stress hormone) •speeds up injury recovery

•also known to help Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and More!

Connective Tissue Mobilization

•Manipulation of the skin and fascia

•think of it like a giant fishnet wrapped around your body between skin and muscle

•No lotion/oil (typically done first)

•Rolls skin/fascia


•promote flexibility and circulation, even in areas remote to the area being worked


Water is a natural medicine that benefits the whole body” -Nikola


•relief of pain

•equalized blood and lymph circulation

•removal of toxins from the body

•enhanced immune system

•stimulated and soothed nervous system

Hot •Hydro-Therapy•

•Thick hydro pacs dunked in hot water, wrapped in towels then laid over the muscles and/or joints

•Heated Eye-Mask

•Heated Foot Soak

•Hot Towel Wrap

Cold •Hydro-Therapy•

•Frozen ice pac wrapped in towels then laid over the muscles and/or joints

•Frozen Eye-Mask

Contrast •Hydro-Therapy•

Alternating between cold and hot pacs to trick the area into pumping blood quicker, increasing circulation

•Acts like a “local-to-the-area heartbeat”

Chronic Pain Management

•the power of the mind over pain

•sensory stimulation and endorphin secretion

•exploring non-opioid alternatives

•relationship between the mind and the body


•massage trains the mind to tune in, making it easier to cope with pain or stress

•massage for support and reassurance

•hydrotherapy relieves painful muscles and joints

•passive exercise, stretches, joint mobilization to lubricate and cleanse joints

•water prior- and cold-pressed juice post-massage to promote healthy nutrition

•& so much more!

Meditative Practices

practice letting go

•gives body a chance to unwind and let go

•choose your tunes or meditation if it helps

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Calming essential oils dispersed in the air as a fine vaper where your body then absorbs them gently through the respiratory system

Aromatouch Technique

•8 oils applied to the spine and 2 to the feet alongside fractionated coconut oil

•Created by Dr Hill


•Immune Support

Topical Lotions & Oils

•doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

•Fractionated coconut oil

•Miscellaneous Essential Oil usage upon request

•BonVital Lotion

Post-Massage Treats


•Cold-Pressed Juice by Jess, Integrative Health coach, from over at the Positive Palate


•Random items for specials and promos, changing monthly

Self-Awareness Practices

•Postural Awareness




•& more!

Self-Care Tips

•just depends on each clients situation

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